E Safety Agreement

January 2017 - Thompson Primary School

 E-safety agreement form for pupils:

 Please discuss these E-safety rules with your child, they help to protect students and the school by describing acceptable computer use.

 I understand the school owns the computer network and learning platform and can set rules for its use to keep me safe.

 I will only use ICT systems in school, including the internet, email and digital pictures for school purposes.

 I will only log on with my own user name and password.

 I will not share my passwords with anyone.

 I will only use my school email address at school.

 I will make sure that all messages are responsible, respectful and sensible.

 I will be responsible for my behaviour when using the Internet/learning platform. This includes resources and the language I use.

 I will use the forums on the school’s learning platform for sharing information sensibly.

 I will not give out any personal information about myself or anyone else when using the internet.

 If I accidentally come across any material that makes me uncomfortable I will report it to a teacher.

 I will not download or install software.

 I will respect the privacy and ownership of others’ work on-line at all times.

 I understand the school may watch my use of the school’s computer systems and learning platform.

 I understand that I will only be allowed to use the school equipment and systems by following these rules.

 January 2017 - Thompson Primary School

 E-safety agreement form for Parents and Carers

 As the parent or legal guardian of a pupil at Thompson Primary School, I grant permission for my child to have access to use the Internet, the Virtual Learning Environment, school Email and other ICT facilities at school.

I have discussed the E-Safety Agreement with my daughter/son and confirm they will keep to the school’s rules for responsible ICT use and understand that my son/daughter may be informed if the rules have to be changed during the year.

 I know that the latest copy of the E-Safety Policy is available at from the school office or on the school website and that further advice about safe use of the Internet can be found on the school’s website.

 I accept that ultimately the school cannot be held responsible for the nature and content of materials accessed through the Internet and mobile technologies, but I understand that the school will take every reasonable precaution to keep pupils safe and to prevent pupils from accessing inappropriate materials. These steps include using a filtered internet service, secure access to email, employing appropriate teaching practice and teaching e-safety skills to pupils.

 I understand that the school can check my child’s computer files, and the Internet sites they visit. I also know that the school may contact me if there are concerns about my son/daughter’s e-safety or e-behaviour.

 I will support the school by promoting safe use of the Internet and digital technology at home and will inform the school if I have any concerns over my child’s e-safety.

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