Digital Photography Agreement

January 2017 - Thompson Primary School

 Photography Permission Use of digital images – photography and video

 To comply with the Data Protection Act 1998, we need your permission before we can photograph or make recordings of your daughter/son.

 We follow the following rules for any external use of digital images:

• If the pupil is named, we avoid using their photograph.

• If their photograph is used, we avoid naming the pupil.

• Where showcasing examples of pupils work we only use their first names, rather than their full names.

• If showcasing digital video work to an external audience, we take care to ensure that pupils aren’t referred to by name on the video, and that pupils’ full names aren’t given in credits at the end of the film.

• Only images of pupils in suitable dress are used.

• Staff are not allowed to take photographs or videos on their personal equipment.

  Examples of how digital photography and video may be used include:

• Your child being photographed (by the classroom teacher, teaching assistant or another child) as part of a learning activity e.g. photographing children at work and then sharing the pictures on the interactive whiteboard or Facebook in the classroom allowing the children to see their work and make improvements.

• Your child’s image for presentation purposes around the school e.g. in school wall displays, presentations and Facebook to capture images around the school or in the local area as part of a project or lesson.

• Your child’s image being used in a presentation about the school and its work in order to share its good practice and celebrate its achievements, which is shown to other parents, schools or educators e.g. within a CDROM / DVD or a document sharing good practice; in our school prospectus, school website or Facebook.

• In rare events, your child’s image could appear in the media if a newspaper photographer or television film crew attend an event.


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