Pupil Premium

Use of pupil premium and CLA money 2014

Money received: £11,100

Money due to spend: £9812.99 Reviewed by the Curriculum Committee on June 24.6.14

Actual spend to date £8,606.87

 Use Of FundingCost 
 Clicker 6 computer programme to aid spelling and writing 3 targeted children for additional support. £729.00 Training from main budget.
 IMPACT: Average point score progress in one year 3 points.  
 Kinaesthetic writing approach for two targeted children.  £14.99TA time for 8 week block teaching £1,436
IMPACT: One year progress writing 3 points.   
 Talking Partners Year 1/2  6 hours £2829.82 DN
 IMPACT: Additional support also supported behaviour for identified pupil – No recorded exclusion in year. Behaviour in class improved. 
 My maths logins for KS2 pupils. Mainly KS2.  £276 
 IMPACT: One year progress maths 3 points.  
 Target sessions with teacher to meet targets – small group rather than 1:1 KS2 focus. 12 weeks, 1 hour a week £2255.02 LM 
 IMPACT: One sublevel progress in a term.  
Sound Discovery and Catch-up support. Year 1/2/3 mainly TA time to focus on intervention groups such as: Nessie 2x 30mins, Sir Kits 4x 60mins and Wave 3 maths 30mins a week.   £1724.83 
Planning time for TAs with class teachers to adapt plans for vulnerable groups. £291.19
Impact: better learning outcomes for our most vulnerable pupils and increase chances of success. 
IMPACT: Average point score progress across KS2 for targeted pupils was 4 points.  
Free sessions to After School Club to improve access for all.  £486
IMPACT: Improved social and behaviour skills. 

Total: Average point score progress across KS2 for targeted pupils was 4-4.99 points which is above expected progress.


For individual tracking of impact please see Excel spread sheet:

Average Point Score Progress by July 2014:

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