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Appendix to Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding Arrangements for the SRB Unit.


The Specialist Resource Base for Learning and Cognition is based on Wayland Academy’s site. The Principal at Wayland Junior Academy oversees the budget and has responsibility for ensuring that safeguarding procedures are in place.


The unit has 3 members of staff:

Joanne Currington- SRB Lead Teacher

Julia Rees- SRB teacher

Susan Bloomfield- Teaching Assistant.

All 3 staff have up to date safeguarding training.

Their DBS details are held on the SCR at Wayland Junior Academy Watton.

Safeguarding Arrangements

• It is the responsibility of the HOME school to ensure that all relevant safeguarding information is shared at the point of referral for children who secure a placement at the SRB.

• Any concerns that arise whilst a child is on placement will be referred to the DSL of the HOME school. The DSL name must be shared at the point of referral including the Alternative DSL.

• SRB staff will follow the safeguarding protocol which includes completing a CONCERN FORM.

• If there is an emergency situation- e.g. a child is in imminent danger of harm, then the DSL at Wayland Academy will be informed and will deal with the case in the first instance informing the HOME school’s DSL of action taken.


• The SRB will contact the HOME school in the morning if a child who has a place fails to attend. The HOME school will then deal with the absence as per their policy.

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