British Citizenship


Children are encouraged to be culturally aware and fundraising provides a mechanism for the children to feel involved.

Our PSHE programme includes work on children's emotional development, as does our work on Circle time and by using the SEAL resources.

R Time questionnaires, Circle Time, School and Class Council meetings and work within PSHE lessons show that our children feel safe at school and have the confidence to make good decisions in keeping themselves and others safe.

Children are able to make use of good support: Class Worry box and Bucket of worries, School council box, Buddy bench and School Councilors who are identified by caps and badges on the playground and our Golden book.

Our school values the individuality of all our children. We are committed to giving all our children every opportunity to achieve the highest standards. Within this ethos of achievement, we do not tolerate bullying or harassment of any kind. Our policies help us to ensure that this school promotes the individuality of all our children, irrespective of ethnicity, attainment, age, disability, gender or background.

We aim to reflect the multi-ethnic nature of our society and ensure that the education we offer fosters positive attitudes to all people. We are thrilled to be involved in a village project that welcomes children from Belaruuse to our community and they visit the school once a year. Any incidents are recorded in the incident and accident book and any signs of racism or bullying are reported on at the Governors' meetings.

Behaviour letters are sent to parents if there are any incidents of inappropriate behaviour which goes against our agreed behaviour policy.

Rights, rules and responsibilities are discussed throughout the school, particularly during the autumn term, as the new academic year begins. Both Parents and Children have received information on how to be safe when using the Internet.

Pupil's relationships with each other and with the adults in the school are a particular strength at Thompson school. Children are valued and respected.

We have high expectations of behaviour, self-control and motivation. We expect our children to aim high and believe in themselves. Other examples include: Our celebration assemblies where effort, hard work and good behaviour are recognised and a certificates awarded.

Any incidents are recorded and monitored by governors.

The cluster of schools all participate in netball and football tournaments, which encourages teamwork and a drive for success. This helps to establish and develop the school ethos of teamwork, celebrating success, valuing each other and a firm knowledge of our individual importance in the life at Thompson School, which is fostered by the whole community.

Children at Thompson School have a good understanding of how they can make a positive contribution to the community through the work of the School Council. Throughout the academic year the school supports a number of charities with fundraising events. The School Council is a huge success and gives the children of the school.

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