Religious Education Curriculum

KS1 RE Year 1 of 2

Autumn 1 C

Why is Jesus important to Christians?

As a teacher/ Parables

Autumn 2 C

Why is Jesus important to Christians?

Jesus at Christmas/ celebration/incarnation

What can we learn about Jesus from the nativity story?

Spring 1 C+J

How and why do people pray?

Spring 2 C and J

How are sacred texts used in worship? Bible/Torah


Summer 1 and 2

How do religious people show they belong to a faith community?

(What do Christians understand by the word church?)


KS1 RE Year 2 of 2

Autumn 1 C

What do Christians believe about how the world began?


Autumn 2 C

How do Christians prepare for Christmas?

(Symbolism of Christingle/advent)

Spring 1 C + J

How and why are symbols used in religious ceremonies?

Symbols and Rituals



Spring 2 J

Why do Jews celebrate Pesach?


Summer C+J+?

Whole world in our hands Eco RE

“Who is responsible for our world?” (unit written already)

KS2 Y3/4 Year 1 of 2

Autumn 1 C+I+(J+H)

How do people talk about God?

Compare Christianity and Islam

(Adapt Y1/2 unit, talking about God)

Spring 1 H+C+I

How are religious and spiritual ideas expressed through art and music? (Art in Faith)

(Music Express unit)

Easter art


Summer 1 C

What do Christians understand by being saved?

(adapt from KS1 salvation, first one in pack)


Summer 2 B

What does it mean to be enlightened?


Link back to art/hand movements/expressive art

KS2 Y3/4 Year 2 of 2

Autumn 1 S

What does it mean to be a Sikh?

What does it mean to wear the 5 K’s?

Autumn 2 H

How do Hindu’s live out their faith?

Concept of Dharma




Spring 1 (Whole term) C

What does it mean to be a Christian disciple?

(How does being a Christian affect your life?)

Summer 1 J

Are the Ten Commandments still important today?

Summer 2 J

How do Jews express their faith?

(May run out of time for this unit)

Commitment and responsibility

KS2 Y5/6 Year 1 of 2

Autumn 1

How does religion play a part in a person’s life journey?

(Already written in guidance)

Ceremonies through someone’s life.

Autumn 2 C

What does it mean to be a pilgrim?

(Already written in guidance)

Spring 1 H

What do Hindus believe about life after death?

Spring 2 C

If life is a journey does it ever end?



Summer 1

Pentecost “What a journey” Unit from The Promise

Summer 2

Why is Hajj important to Muslims?

Concept of duty

Ibrahim-story behind each aspect of Hajj.

KS2 Y5/6 Year 2 of 2

Autumn 1 (Whole term) M

Where do Muslims look for guidance?


Remember Espresso

Spring 1 C

How does the bible inspire Christians?

Spring 2 C

What do Christians mean by the term ‘vocation?’

Missionaries, munks, nuns

Summer 1

Baha’i tradition

Training to follow

(World religions+humanism)

Summer 2 C

What does it mean for Christians to ‘Welcome the stranger?’

(Unit written in guidance)

Hostry at Norwich cathedral

Pentecost as an enrichment day with cluster?

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