Reading, Phonics and Grammar


  • We use a systematic approach for teaching phonics from Foundation Stage to KS1 and in KS2 where necessary.
  • Staff read with the pupils on an individual, group and class basis. A banded reading scheme, consisting of a mix of reading scheme and ‘real’ books, is introduced in Year 1 and reading records are signed when the pupil has read. Sets of guided reading texts are used within each class.
  • Pupils should read daily at home (see Homework Policy).
  • We encourage reading and help the pupils to develop an interest in books by reading and discussing a range of different text types across the Key Stages.
  • We will provide the pupils with access to a wide range of literature and the opportunity to read for a variety of purposes including ICT based texts.
  • We will encourage the pupils to develop personal responses to the texts.


  • Phonics sessions are run in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.
  • Foundation stage follow the Jolly Phonics program, KS1 use the Hamilton Trust Code Beakers and dip into BBC Words and Pictures where necessary.
  • Two to three sounds a week are taught depending on what phase the pupils are on.
  • Phonics activities encourage pupils to say the sound, listen for the sound and write the sound.
  • In Foundation class, when 6 sounds have been achieved, the letters, words and pictures are sent home for the parents to use with the children.
  • Phonics is taught in other KS2 classes where necessary.


  • Grammar for writing is integrated into the lessons in years 3 and 4, with extended learning where necessary.
  • Years 5 and 6 have a Grammar for Writing lesson every Friday.

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