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Today Barn Owls have taken a trip to Norwich to take part in the Gaming Festival. 

Our first workshop today involved experience a range of retro and current games including Pac Man, Super  Mario and Sega games. 

Next we met Matt Syratt. He is a game designer and lecturer at Anglian Ruskin. He talk to us about Virtual Reality and how he makes games. They are very difficult and involve many processes.

Today the Year 6's have had the great opportunity to visit the Apple Store in Norwich. They are all creating their own songs on Garage Band. 

Here are just a few photos from our visit.

In Geography we have been learning about mountains. Within our lessons, we have been looking at OS maps of Snowdonia and learning how to write four and six figure grid references.

For homework this week, we are learning about the symbols on our maps. If you have got stuck, please have a look at this website. There are also games to play if you want to find out a little more.

In Science we have been learning about our bodies. To start with, we looked at what we thought was inside our bodies. Then we discovered all the wonderful organs and their jobs.

Look how much we have learnt:

Next we focused on specific organs, such as the heart and the lungs. We learnt about the important jobs they do.

Here are a small selection of our fabulous information leaflets:

In Literacy this term, we have been trying to  solve 'The Riddle of the Koh-i-Poor' by Louise Glasspoole.

We have been working hard on our persuasive speeches. Come back soon to see some examples of our work.

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